Sima Levin was born in Moldova.
She was born in 1957. Lives and works in Afula.
Graduate of the WIZO College of Design, Haifa. A multidisciplinary artist who works on painting, drawing, painting and figurative sculpture, which is sometimes combined with stabilizers.
Her work consists of creating scenes based on memory that is sometimes repressed. Images that take the viewer into her inner world that moves between fantasy and reality, between the visible and the hidden. Sima adds: "As a creative person or as a creative woman, I can say about myself that what motivates me to engage in plastic art, usually in different materials, is the curiosity to understand the world and the health. .. the world of flora and fauna ... hence understanding the soul of man ... the good and evil ... to understand myself ... to understand the limits of the ability of the materials in front of my intervention in them. "


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